March 6th


Anthony Gormley, ‘Testing a World View’ 1993

August 22nd




Movement is a process.

August 15th

2:56PM // 1 note // "But architecture is no object. At an interdisciplinary nexus, as an intrinsic element of everyday life, architecture is not composed of isolated and monumental objects. Architecture is ambient and atmospheric, and architecture allows us to tell stories - it is both backdrop to and inspiration for theoretical and poetic musings of all kinds, from love to philosophy, theology to Marxism." (2001:3)

Iain Borden, Jane Rendell, Joe Kerr, and Alicia Pivaro

1.Things, Flows, Filters, Tactics

The Unknown City (2001)

August 11th

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I really like what Lucy McRae (and Bart Hess) are doing with the human body. The work she produces is smart, visceral and extremely dynamic. I can’t wait to see so much more.

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August 10th


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What attracts people most is other people.

(William White)

July 29th

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”(…) to recall that architecture was also about the movement of bodies in space, that their language and the language of walls were also complementary.” Bernard Tschumi

May 2nd

7:18PM // 1 note // The architect must watch what people do.

by Herman Hertzberguer.

May 1st

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The Social Life in Smalll Urban Spaces by William Whyte.

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